Brain Development

From looking at how the brain functions at all ages to how nutrition impacts development to how certain life events impact the brain, the brain has always been a fascinating topic for ConnectU participants. With the advancement of recent technologies that allows us to see into the brain, including fMRIs (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and other techniques, a whole new era of research covering the life span of the brain has emerged.

Brain development has been a recurring ConnectU workshop topic. Below are some of the general resources on brain development as well as resources related to specific past workshop topics.

General Brain Development

Executive Function

Infancy & Early Childhood


  • Families with Teens – Information on meeting the challenges of raising teens for both parents and professionals from the University of Minnesota Extension
  • Inside the Teenage Brain – Frontline special on teen brain development and current parenting and policy issues around how the teen brain functions
  • John Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health – research and resources on adolescent health topics as well as activities for professionals and students