Soybean Aphid Resources

Soybean aphidsThe soybean aphid (SBA) is the most damaging insect pest of Minnesota soybeans. It was first identified in the state during the late summer of 2000 in southeast Minnesota. SBA subsequently spread throughout the soybean growing areas of Minnesota during the 2001 growing season. With the exception of 2004, yield-reducing populations of SBA have been present in southwest Minnesota every year since the 2003 growing season, with 2003 and 2008 being the most widespread and severe.

Our research explores SBA management techniques and technologies and looks to integrate existing and traditional pest management methods to mitigate economic yield losses from SBA (Visit Research Results to view the outcomes of our SBA trials.). Together University of Minnesota Extension, we provide a number of educational events and resources to assist area growers with managing soybean aphid. Below are some of the SBA resources we've developed for soybean growers in Minnesota: