2018 U of MN Cooperative Black Cutworm Trapping Network Report #1

Week of April 14-20, 2018

This newsletter is available in a print-friendly pdf format: 2018 Black Cutworm Network Report #1

Black cutworm moth captures in SW MN April 14-20

Here is the first map of the season with reports from April 14-20. There did not appear to be any flights based on the reporting traps.

It is definitely time to be trapping. Illinois has picked up a significant flight this spring. There was a single capture in Steele County on 4/13, but because of the following snow and freezing temperatures, eggs would not have survived. That moth appears to have made a poor life choice dropping out over MN when it did. 

It looks like we should have a good trap network this year and will be prepared to make some good predictions for risk from black cutworm.

If you have not yet placed your traps, please do so as soon as possible. Also remember to  report your captures to Travis (tvollmer@umn.edu) each Friday. We start analyzing the results Monday mornings. Because we are trying to determine where flight occurred, it is important to report both positive and negative captures each week. Finally, a quick email if a trap captures 8 or more moths over a 2-night period will be appreciated.

Until next week,

Bruce Potter and Travis Vollmer