2018 U of MN Cooperative Black Cutworm Trapping Network Report #2

Week of April 21-27, 2018

This newsletter is available in a print-friendly pdf format: 2018 Black Cutworm Network Report #2

Black cutworm moth captures in SW MN April 21-27, 2018

Most black cutworm (BCW) trap locations are operational and have started to report. Based on weather, migrations should have been minimal, and traps indicated another quiet week without any major flights. Thus, the rather drab map. One of the Jackson county traps did snag the first capture of the season, a single moth on the 27th.

The situation changed starting Sunday night/Monday morning and several traps have reported a significant number of BCW moths (8 or more/2 nights). 

The current flight, combined with the lack of spring tillage, means BCW could be an issue in some 2018 fields. In the next BCW report, we will start running predictive models for start and end of cutting by larvae.

Start to keep track of dates for spring tillage and green cover crop (e.g. rye) termination of your fields.  As you are out and about in fields before planting, take note of areas with winter annual or spring weed growth. They can be attractive to egg-laying BCW.

Things could get interesting this spring!

Until next week,  

Bruce Potter and Travis Vollmer