Advancing Ag webinar: Soybean pest management pre-plant decisions

How to balance host plant resistance, chemical decisions and risk
Wednesday, January 27 | 11 am - 12 pm

In the kickoff Advancing Ag webinar, IPM Specialist Bruce Potter will lead a panel discussion and question and answer session on soybean pest management decisions that can be made prior to planting. Panelists include:

  • Aaron Lorenz, Associate Professor, soybean breeding
  • Bob Koch, Associate Professor and Extension Entomologist
  • Jim Kurle, Associate Professor, soybean pathology
  • Dean Malvick, Professor and Extension plant pathologist
  • Seth Naeve, Associate Professor and Extension Agronomist

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Participants are encouraged to submit questions for the panelists ahead of time or to come to the webinar with questions in mind.