Advancing Ag webinar: Pesticide resistance - How do you know it's happening to you?

June 23 | 11 am - noon

We continue to see issues with pesticide resistant insects, weeds, and disease and many have experienced a problem with poor pesticide performance. How can you sort out application and environmental effects from actual resistance? Researchers and Extension specialists will discuss how to avoid performance problems and how to make sure pests management strategies are effective. IPM Specialist Bruce Potter will lead this discussion and question and answer session.

Panelists include:

  • Ian MacRae, UMN Professor and Extension Entomologist
  • Dean Malvick, UMN Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist
  • Dan Nielsen, Certified Crop Consultant
  • Ken Ostlie, UMN Professor and Extension Entomologist
  • Tom Peters, NDSU Associate Professor and Extension Agronomist

This diverse panel of researchers will engage in an open discussion and take questions from participants. Participants are encouraged to submit questions upon registration or to come to the webinar with questions in mind.

Advancing Ag events are free to attend but participants must pre-register. The webinar will be recorded and posted on YouTube at a later date. Certified crop advisors can self-apply for CEUs.

With questions or requests for accommodations, please email [email protected]

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