Andry Ranaivoson

Andry Ranaivoson
Researcher 5

23669 130th St
Lamberton, MN 56152
United States

Contact me for help with:
  • Bioreactors, ditches, and artificial wetlands.
  • Unconventional statistics: time series modeling (ARMA, ARIMA, intervention analysis), artificial neural network, data imputation technique (missing data), bayesian network


Andry is a researcher in our soil and ag water management program. He is currently assigned to integrated systems for agricultural production and water quality research that include several stations: bioreactors, ditches, and artificial wetlands. This assignment includes daily operation of flow measurement, water quality sample and data collection, and data processing. 

Andry holds a Ph.D. in Water Resources Science from the University of Minnesota and a certificate of hydrogeology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.