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Newsletters are released throughout the growing season to give information on current and emerging pest problems and management techniques as well as updates on weather conditions and crop development. 

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2021 Newsletters

  • Issue 1 | February 9, 2021 - A discussion on if many soybean varieties containing SCN resistance sources other than PI 88788 are available for MN
  • Issue 2 | April 9, 2021 - Planting is here - a few things to watch, commentary on factors that will impact pest pressure this growing season, and 2 insecticides with Section 2(ee) supplemental labels for soybean gall midge
  • Issue 3 | April 23, 2021Weather systems conducive to insect migration and insect migrants have been lacking, topsoil is dry in some fields so watch your planting depth, and an update on planting and insect conditions for common crops
  • Issue 4 | May 6, 2021Some risk from black cutworms in southern MN, begin to scout stands as soon as they emerge, and do not ignore insect pest (cereal aphids) potential in winter cereal crops
  • Notes | May 11, 2021 - a brief note on alfalfa weevil and millipedes in minimum and no-till
  • Notes | May 14, 2021 - a brief note on crop emergence, aster leafhopper, and black cutworm
  • Issue 5 | May 21, 2021Start scouting alfalfa insects and pay attention to cutworms in all crops but particularly corn and sugarbeets now
  • Issue 6 | June 8, 2021 - Scout potato leafhopper in alfalfa and dry beans, corn rootworm will start to hatch soon, corn borer adult emergence is on, soybean aphids will be moving from buckthorn to soybean, do not confuse crane fly larvae for cutworms
  • Issue 7 | June 18, 2021 - SCN females present on roots, scout potato leafhopper in alfalfa and dry beans, corn rootworms are hatching - still a bit early to float larvae, soybean aphids present at low populations, and soybean gall midge adults are emerging and some larvae are starting to appear in soybean stems