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Welcome to the Southwest Research and Outreach Center

University on the Prairie July 29-31

SWROC’s 3-day University on the Prairie program will be held July 29-31. The program allows middle and high school students to explore science-based career opportunities in foods science, health science, agricultural & environmental science, engineering, and chemistry. Students will engage in hands-on learning activities led by enthusiastic University of Minnesota faculty, staff and students who are highly skilled in their fields. Teachers from area school districts also work with instructors as associate teachers to bring students the best experience possible.

Southwest Minnesota Ag Lenders Conference August 12th

The 31st annual Southwest Minnesota Ag Lenders Conference will be held on Tuesday, August 12th at the SWROC. Agricultural lenders and farm management and agribusiness professionals throughout southwest Minnesota are encouraged to attend. Topics covered will include grain marketing in the current economic environment, emerging financial and profitability trends in the SWMFBMA, the farm bill, estate and gift tax laws, farmland rental rates, and livestock economics.

Extending the Growing Season Presentations from Wednesday, March 12, 2014 Workshop

The SWROC hosted an Extending the Growing Season Workshop on Wednesday, March 12. This event focused high tunnels, walk-in plastic covered structure which can extend the fruit and vegetable growing season. Handouts from the workshop are below.



Daily Weather

2014 Soil Moisture Readings Released

The SWROC has released the fifth soil moisture readings for 2014. Soil moisture levels on 7/1 accounted for a total of 6.32" of available moisture which is 0.22" above the historic average of 6.32". View the 2014 Soil Moisture info and a comparative chart on the SWROC weather page, located under the Available Soil Water heading.

IPM Stuff Newsletter

Issue 10 of IPM Stuff is now available.

Black Cutworm Network Newsletters and Maps

Bruce Potter and Travis Vollmer are collecting Black Cutworm data from around Minnesota. The newsletters contain information on the black cutworm, its biology, damage to crops and management decisions.

  • Issue 9 - June 13, 2014 - While definitely not every field, there are more scattered reports and at least a couple expensive replants. Several reports associated with prevent plant, rye and tillage radish cover crops. I'm just the messenger.

Insecticide Resistance Management in Soybean

´╗┐Insecticide ´╗┐(and miticide) resistance is a heritable decrease in a pest population's susceptibility to a pesticide, meaning the genetics are passed from generation to generation. As pest populations become less susceptible to a pesticide, the utility of that pesticide becomes less and less effective to a point where the pesticides may become effectively lost as tools for management of that pest. Read the entire Extension Fact Sheet "Insecticide Resistance Management in Soybeans" (pdf) to learn IPM strategies recommended for insect and mite pests in MN soybeans. This face sheet was written by Robert Koch and Ian MacRae, Extension Entomologists, as well as Bruce Potter, IPM Specialist.