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Welcome to the Southwest Research and Outreach Center

Trauma's Impact on Children Workshop November 10th  

A workshop titled Trauma’s Impact on Children: Brain Development, Behaviors and Interventions will be held at the Southwest Research & Outreach Center on Monday, November 10 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The workshop will focus on the trauma resulting from childhood life experiences including abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, and having family members who are incarcerated.

The workshop is designed for professionals including those in K-12 education, public health, mental health, social work and social services, early childhood, and others seeking more information on how traumatic life experiences impact children.

Download the workshop registration form here.


Introducing Cropping Systems Scientist Axel Garcia y Garcia 

SWROC is pleased to welcome and introduce its newest faculty member Axel Garcia y Garcia to the region! Garcia y Garcia fills the recently established Wally Nelson Endowed Faculty in Crop Production position at the SWROC.
He is a sustainable cropping systems scientist and assistant professor in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics with a research and extension appointment. His research at the SWROC will focus on crop rotations, integration of cover crop components or other crops into current cropping systems, and cultural practices in cropping systems to optimize yield, with an emphasis on multifunctional agriculture and the delivery of ecosystem services.  

682 Area 4th Graders Attend Elementary Field Day

682 fourth graders from 15 area elementary schools attended the Southwest Research and Outreach Center’s Elementary Field Day on Wednesday, September 17 and Thursday, September 18, 2014. Students participated in activities on healthy soils, composting, electrical safety, farm safety, plants, and climate change. There was also a special assembly entitled "Engineering!" presented by staff from the Minnesota Science Museum and a power take-off demonstration emphasizing the importance of farms safety. 

Area schools participating included: Windom, Red Rock Central, Westbrook-Walnut Grove, St. Mary’s (Tracy), Reed Gray (Redwood Falls), Mt. Lake, St. Paul’s (New Ulm), Washington Elementary (New Ulm), Lakeview, Samuel Lutheran (Marshall), Wabasso, St. Anne’s (Wabasso), Tracy, Southwest Star Concept, and Springfield.

Each teacher who attended Elementary Field Day received the book 11 Experiments That Failed which introduces elementary students to the scientific method. This book was a gift from the Southwest Research and Outreach Center Parker Sanders funding in support of K-12 education. 

Photos from Elementary Field Day can be viewed on the SWROC Facebook Page.

Daily Weather

2014 Soil Moisture Readings Released

The SWROC has released soil moisture readings for August 15, 2014. Soil moisture levels on 8/15 accounted for a total of 2.32" of available moisture which is 1.91" below the historic average of 4.23". View the 2014 Soil Moisture info and a comparative chart on the SWROC weather page, located under the Available Soil Water heading.

IPM Stuff Newsletter

Issue 17 of IPM Stuff is available. A Pirate Bug Addendum is also available.

FairRent at CFFM

FairRent is a free web-app from the Center for Farm Financial Management that allows farmers to quickly and easily evaluate land rental decisions. Use it to evaluate cash, share and flexible rental arrangements.

Insecticide Resistance Management in Soybean

´╗┐Insecticide ´╗┐(and miticide) resistance is a heritable decrease in a pest population's susceptibility to a pesticide, meaning the genetics are passed from generation to generation. As pest populations become less susceptible to a pesticide, the utility of that pesticide becomes less and less effective to a point where the pesticides may become effectively lost as tools for management of that pest. Read the entire Extension Fact Sheet "Insecticide Resistance Management in Soybeans" (pdf) to learn IPM strategies recommended for insect and mite pests in MN soybeans. This face sheet was written by Robert Koch and Ian MacRae, Extension Entomologists, as well as Bruce Potter, IPM Specialist.