Southwest Research & Outreach Center | Lamberton, MN

Aerial view of the Southwest Research and Outreach Center office area
A worker pounds a probe into soil in a soybean field with a tractor in the background
2-row plot combine harvesting corn


October 22, 2021

Temperature High (F): 47

Temperature Low (F): 32

Soil Temp - 2" Max: 54

Soil Temp - 2" Min: 44

Soil Temp - 4" Max: 53

Soil Temp - 4" Min: 50


Drought brings drainage water recycling & crop resilience research opportunity

Hot and dry. Those words describe the 2021 growing season here at the Southwest Research and Outreach Center, as well as across much of Minnesota. 

Redwood County, where the SWROC is located, spent much of the summer in the U.S. Drought Monitor’s moderate and extreme drought categories, with portions of the county reaching extreme drought levels at the end of July. 

While the drought’s impact can only be seen as a negative for most corn and soybean growers in the region, the dry growing season presented exciting research opportunities for Professor Jeff Strock, who conducts drainage water quality research at the SWROC.