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Aerial view of the Southwest Research and Outreach Center office area
A worker pounds a probe into soil in a soybean field with a tractor in the background
2-row plot combine harvesting corn


March 5, 2021

Temperature High (F): 49

Temperature Low (F): 28

Soil Temp - 2" Max: 36

Soil Temp - 2" Min: 32

Soil Temp - 4" Max: 32

Soil Temp - 4" Min: 32


Advancing Ag webinar: Smart manure management

Wednesday, March 24 | 11 am - Noon

Associate Professor Paulo Pagliari will lead a panel discussion on innovative manure management practices that research shows have great potential to improve our food production system. Register for this webinar


Requesting volunteers to participate in insect trapping networks

IPM Specialist Bruce Potter is requesting volunteers to participate in the black cutworm and corn rootworm trapping networks in 2021.

Soybean Growers - Complete the MN Soybean Gall Midge Survey

December 1, 2020

A new soybean pest, the soybean gall midge has been found in many counties in SW Minnesota. The soybean gall midge infestations that have been detected are not uniformly distributed geographically and most of these have been minor. You can help entomologists better understand where and why soybean gall midge infestations occur by filling out the Minnesota Soybean Gall Midge Survey. Please only complete one survey per farm.