Emily E Evans

Emily E Evans standing in front of some bushes
Researcher 3

23669 130th St
Lamberton, MN 56152
United States

Contact me for help with:
  • Questions regarding organic field crop management
  • Cover crop management and fitting species into various rotations
  • Transitioning to organic field crop production


Emily E. Evans has been involved with organic agriculture research since 1998, working extensively with both on-station and on-farm research projects for the Rodale Institute and the University of Minnesota. Many of these projects have focused on transitioning strategies, weed control, manure management, and alternative crops, but she maintains a particular interest in cover crops and their role in nutrient cycling and availability.  She also manages the SWROC’s soil and plant tissue lab and serves as the lab safety manager.

Emily holds an MS in Agronomy from Iowa State University (2019) and a BA in Biology from Gettysburg college (1997).